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After addiction therapy, where do you go? Do you immediately make your way back into society? Do you apply for that job you’ve always wanted? Do you continue to live in the same neighborhood you’ve always lived in? There are a lot of decisions to make after your first time in rehab. What many people don’t know is that it can be challenging to integrate back into society directly after finishing a program. That’s why so many individuals decide to migrate to a sober living home. The in-between offers stability, while still actively fostering growth and encouragement. At Sunrise Sober Living, we’re a halfway home for residents of Lanesville, IN and beyond. Our residencies include:  

  • Single Residencies  
  • Gender Separate Residencies  
  • LGBTQ Friendly Residencies  
  • Co-Ed Residencies   
  • Structured Living  
  • & More  

Multiple factors make Sunrise Sober Living an excellent experience. First and foremost, our primary goal is keeping the residents in our sober home, sober. We strive to create a bonding environment where every person is working to encourage the individuals around him or her. As you can also see, our various living options give each person a choice. We believe the recovery is different for all people. 

Last, but certainly not least, at Sunrise Sober Living, we believe that there is much to be said about a clean space. That’s why we decided to remodel all of our apartments! Our newly remodeled spaces offer stainless steel appliances, televisions, self-controlled temperature units, and more! We also provide our residents with transportation. If you’re looking to make a step in the right direction, call Sunrise Sober Living today! We service people from Lanesville, IN and beyond! Don’t integrate back into your regular life until you’re sure you’re ready. Make the smart choice and join the community!

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Overall the staff is amazing in the houses and at the center. I have lived in every property except the complex. Lance Derek Miranda and Mack are 100 percent without a doubt the best house managers that I have ever met. However the clients and their cleanliness is another story and out of the employees control. Some of these kids or most of them could use a cleaning class or 10. They are nasty and disgusting. But that's another survey.

Lance F.

Lance F.

Sunrise Family

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