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Addiction is a dangerous cycle of scoring drugs or alcohol, using, then scheming and plotting how to get more. In some rural area of the United States, people feel there’s nothing better to do than get high. That is not the case. Getting sober in Coral Springs can turn your life around.

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Sunrise Sober Living creates a nurturing environment to help keep you sober. You can learn a new way to live without abusing substances. You can learn how to align your thoughts, actions, and behaviors with the kind of life you want to live. Sunrise Sober Living helps you regain necessary life skills like finding employment and functioning as a member of the community. You will also learn how to find permanent housing.

Addiction does not care if you are old, young, straight, gay, male, female, rich or poor. The ideal way to get sober is finding help from professionals with experience to show you the right path to a fulfilling life. That includes reuniting with your family and friends.

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Our halfway home in South Florida is safe and comfortable. Its newly renovated living quarters are in a sunny, tropical paradise. You can live and experience the early days of your sobriety with people who are working towards the same goals. Put yourself in the best position to get sober.
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The compassionate professional at Sunrise Sober Living help people from the North Carolina area find recovery, stay in recovery, and live in beautiful surroundings while in recovery. We offer transportation to pick you up and to take you to your AA or NA meetings. Don’t delay getting sober. Let the team at Sunrise Sober Living help. Call us today. It could be the smart call you ever make.

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Sunrise Sober Living plays one of the biggest roles in my sobriety. Without this place I would not be where I am today. The past 11 months I have met some of the most amazing people you could ever meet. Sunrise is without a doubt my home away from home. The community as a whole is one big family. I knew the moment I got here I was in the right place. Everyone made me feel at home, made me feel like I was right where I belonged, and have helped me from day 1 stay on the right track to becoming the person I was meant to be. My first impression of Sunrise was very impressive and that has never changed. The property is always nice and clean. I would recommend Sunrise Sober Living to anyone that is looking for a nice and safe Sober community to go to.

Lance F.

Lance F.

Sunrise Sober Living

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