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Many people today are struggling with addiction. Whether their addiction is to alcohol, prescription drugs, or other harmful substances – the journey to recovery can be difficult. Addiction affects all areas of your life, and it is a lifetime process to recover, but slowly and steadily you can regain control of your life. Having the right support is crucial for an individual recovering from addiction. Always surrounding yourself with individuals who themselves are in a committed journey to recovery, it’s always a good move. However, it’s also important to keep yourself in the right environment, a nurturing place that will contribute to your recovery. At Sunrise Sober Living in South Zanesville, OH, we offer that and more.  

Sunrise Sober Living, was founded with the sole purpose of helping individuals like you, who are looking for effective and healthy ways to free themselves from the hold of addiction. We understand how difficult and impossible it can seem to embark on this journey, and to keep firm throughout your path toward recovery. When we opted to create a safe living space for individuals recovering from addiction, that’s exactly what we had in mind. Our halfway houses, not only allow you to live a healthier, freer, and more committed life, but they also afford you the opportunity to participate in sober living, and to interact with people like yourself who are also committed to begin a new life.  

Here, we are dedicated to providing you with the counseling you need. For someone who is recovering from addiction, it is essential to count with the right counseling. Our team of professionals will be there for you every step of the way. Mental health is a crucial component of anyone’s well-being. Doing the groundwork to get your emotions to where they should be, and working to ensure that you live a balanced life, is very important for anyone, much more for an individual recovering from addiction.  

If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction, Sunrise Sober Living can help you. Our programs, and our wonderful staff are here to assist you in the process toward recovery. Although this is a lifelong journey, it all starts with a single step. The step you take to day could be the one that will set you off on a path to freedom, and to a better, healthier life. Contact us now, and begin to live the life you’ve always wanted. It’s worth it.

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Has Great service with strong recovery!

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Very good people trying to help the next person out! There’s some strong recovery here, with great helpfulness to get you on the path you need to be!

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